カテゴリー別アーカイブ: 先生の紹介



Hello Everyone,
I’m Katleya P. Mendoza.
Most of my friends call me “Kat” or “Katty”.
I am an English Teacher, a Beauty Junkie, and a Travel Enthusiast.

I graduated from Cebu Normal University with a degree in Elementary Education and I concentrate in teaching English.
I have been teaching English online for about 9 years already, and so far my experience has been really great!
Meeting a variety of people from different backgrounds has helped me learn a lot,
not just about teaching but also about life in general.

So come study with me, let’s learn together!


2017年もどうぞよろしくお願いします。 新しい先生もジョインして更に楽しいスクールにしていきます!







クリスマスパーティー!in 2016




日々がんばってくれている先生たち、また先生をサポートしてくれているご家族を囲んで 飲み、食い、歌い、ゲームを楽しみ、そしてお待ちかねのプレゼント交換!
















Hello! My name is Diana Aspi. You can call me Teacher Diana. I am 26 years old and a graduate of Bachelor of Science and Information Technology. I am an experienced ESL teacher for almost 4 years now, I handled kids courses and adult courses before in my previous job. I find teaching very fun and fulfilling because I get to talk to different people, know more about them, get to know about their cultures and also I can impart my knowledge to the students who are willing to learn the English language. I was trained to help students improve their ability to speak and write in English. I love reading, watching anime and cooking in my free time. It has always been my dream to visit Japan someday, I think Japanese culture is lovely and serene, the people are polite, and the sceneries are breath-taking. I am hoping to see you in my class and I’ll make sure that mixing fun and learning is the best way to love and learn the English language. See you soon.





Hello Everyone! My name is teacher Elaine and I have been an ESL teacher for 5 years now. Teaching is my passion. I get the sense of fulfillment when a student learns something from me. I know a lot about communication skills and how to deal with students. I was trained to improve and develop my teaching skills when I started working in an ESL company. I was also trained to handle TOEIC speaking classes. Since English is not the student’s mother tongue, I am sure that it is hard and uncomfortable for a person to speak the language for the first time. However, as a teacher, it is my job to make sure that the student doesn’t just learn the language but also enjoy doing it. It will make the student comfortable and I think a subject becomes interesting when it is fun. I hope to see you in my class soon!


平日、週末の午前中を担当する Connie 先生のご紹介です!




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Good day!

Glad to meet you! Everyone calls me Connie. I have finished my education degree in 2007 with English as my major. I’m a board passer so I’m a licensed teacher.  I’ve successfully passed the license exam for teachers with just one take. I’ve been teaching ESL to Koreans and Japanese since I was 21. I also have taught in English academies here in Cebu City.  I was able to handle 1 on 4 classes, which means I taught four students in one class. My specialty is teaching kids and beginners, but nevertheless I can also teach all levels regardless of ages and lessons.

So… Having hard time in English? Worrying about your English skills? Forget all your stresses and worries! Let’s make it easy and fun! You can always count on me! I’ll help you to learn English with the fullest of my ability. I’ll give you a wonderful experience in having class online.

I choose this kind of job because I want to share my knowledge to people who are also interested in English. I’m really enjoying doing this for many years now and actually will be counting more. I’m looking forward to meet new faces and new experiences.

And I believe that I have created better English speakers and professionals over the years through my dedicated and effective teachings. When students study with me, I know that they will be prepared for the world using English as a tool in whatever field or purpose they may apply it.

Teaching is not only my passion – it is my life.


今日は新しくWiLLies English に加わってくれたSarah先生のご紹介です。




Hi there! I’m Sarah. How do you do? Welcome to Willies! Aside from being an experienced ESL teacher, I’m a happy mom of one, a crafter, and a self-learned chef.

Touching people’s lives by being a facilitator of their learning is what I’m passionate about. My belief is that a teacher’s job does not end when the class is done. It has to remain within the learner as he/ she moves forward. That is why I’m glad and excited to be a part of your learning.

The lessons here at Willies are formulated to be meaningful, worry-free, fun and engaging. That’s the brand of experience that we can offer. Welcome to Willies for a truly pleasant and meaningful English learning!

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先生のご紹介:お話してて楽しい!発音矯正もおすすめ「Angel B先生」


Angel B先生もESL経験豊富な講師です。



現在土日限定、AM6:00 – AM12:00までのレッスンを受持っています。ぜひ受講くださいね!


Hello there! Let’s enjoy conversing and learning English together. I am Angel and I will be enjoying every lesson as much as you will. We will focus on effective learning. However, let’s add in a little sugar and spice to make each meeting memorable. As the saying goes, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Your involvement and mine will be the perfect ingredient to a successful learning. Looking forward to seeing you in class!