平日、週末の午前中を担当する Connie 先生のご紹介です!




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Good day!

Glad to meet you! Everyone calls me Connie. I have finished my education degree in 2007 with English as my major. I’m a board passer so I’m a licensed teacher.  I’ve successfully passed the license exam for teachers with just one take. I’ve been teaching ESL to Koreans and Japanese since I was 21. I also have taught in English academies here in Cebu City.  I was able to handle 1 on 4 classes, which means I taught four students in one class. My specialty is teaching kids and beginners, but nevertheless I can also teach all levels regardless of ages and lessons.

So… Having hard time in English? Worrying about your English skills? Forget all your stresses and worries! Let’s make it easy and fun! You can always count on me! I’ll help you to learn English with the fullest of my ability. I’ll give you a wonderful experience in having class online.

I choose this kind of job because I want to share my knowledge to people who are also interested in English. I’m really enjoying doing this for many years now and actually will be counting more. I’m looking forward to meet new faces and new experiences.

And I believe that I have created better English speakers and professionals over the years through my dedicated and effective teachings. When students study with me, I know that they will be prepared for the world using English as a tool in whatever field or purpose they may apply it.

Teaching is not only my passion – it is my life.


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