Hello~ My name is Iamy and I would be very happy to help you with your English skill development for I have been a language student myself, I’ve studied Japanese and Italian conversation so I know how challenging it is to learn a new language. When I was in highschool I have experienced teaching English to International students- such as Japanese and Korean, and I also have taugh English online for awhile. As a teacher, to see my students improve is the greatest reward and achievement possible so I will dedicate to our lessons to be able ensure your development. Although it’s not an overnight process, slowly but surely we will both reach our goals and I am here to help you, not only as your teacher but I can also be your friend. I am hoping to see you soon!





Hello! My name is Honey, an ESL Teacher for more than five years now and a Licensed Teacher. What I love about this job is that, I can have the chance to meet other Nationalities especially Japanese. I love so much about Japan. I have studied Japanese language for 5 months and I can understand basic Japanese. My goal is to see my students improve their English skills. I would be very happy to impart them my knowledge about English. I will not just be your teacher, I will also be your friend. I hope to see you in my class!