とても優しくフレンドリー、笑顔がとても素敵な 先生です。社会人の生徒様だけでなく、小学生、中高生の皆さんにもお勧めの先生です。ぜひ一度レッスンをご予約ください!!

Kon’nichiwa! I am Verna Rain Rosales Eran. You can call me Teacher Verna or just Verna. I am a public school teacher here in the Philippines specifically Cebu City.  I am teaching pupils for almost 8 years now from various age group.  Rest assured that I will be friendly and accommodating all the time.  It is fulfilling in my part when I know that my students learn with my help.  Learning English is not as difficult as you think it is.  With the right attitude and perseverance to learn, I know you can learn English in a short time. With Willies and I as your teacher, we will reach those dreams together! So hope to see you in my class and let’s enjoy learning English the easy way with me! :-)


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