"I believe that  learning should be exciting and enjoyable process. When you are learning  you are creating  a new and a better self. 

Hello learners, I  am teacher Mech from the Philippines . I took up the bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English .  I’ve been teaching English for more than 4years, and I loved every minute with my students for many years. 

I would love to share to you my knowledge in English So come and join me in a fun , exciting and interactive class , as we explore and learn the world in English. I hope to see you soon in my class."


こんにちは、私はフィリピンからの教師Mechです。私は中等教育専攻の学士号を取り上げた英語。 私は4年以上のために英語を教えてきた、と私は何年も私の学生と毎分を愛していました。